Francis Polk "Frank" Haralson
The following is from a letter written one dreadful day in July, 1861 at Manassas, Virginia by David Gordon, Jr. to his uncle, David Gordon (brother of Major Francis Gordon, Frank's grandfather.)  David Gordon, Jr. was Frank Haralson's uncle though they were near the same age.  Frank was twenty at the time of this letter and never married, David, Jr. the writer, was twenty-five.
"The 4th Alabama Regiment (with others from other states) was badly used up.  Poor Frank met his death while in the act of shooting an officer (in the Union Forces).  He and several others had been ordered to lie down to load and shoot; but Frank would not lie down, thinking that he could load faster standing.  At this time the enemy was within fifty yards of them, the bullets flying like hail above and around them.  Men on both the Union and the Confederate sides were falling like leaves from trees.  Frank squatted down to shoot.  Just at that time a ball struck him near the nose, passing through his head, scattering his brains all around.  He died instantly.  Hugh Haralson, Frank's half brother, was in the battle also, but came out without getting hurt...  The boys who were with Frank said he was the bravest fellow they ever saw, and that he killed several Yankees before he met his doom."
David Gordon, Jr. died about ten months later from wounds he received May 31, 1862 at the "Battle of Seven Pines," near Richmond, Virginia.